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Recruitment Position: Front Line Operator
Age requirement: 18-48 years old
Working hours: 12 hours
Working environment: standard workshop, advanced equipment and convenient operation
Living environment: apartment-style accommodation environment, equipped with air conditioning, television, water heater, so that you have a good rest environment after work, working meals, daily meals company subsidies
Salary and Welfare: The wage adopts the mode of "guaranteeing the minimum income plus piecemeal wage", that is, taking into account the minimum income and guaranteeing more work and more gains, with an average monthly salary of 2500-4500 yuan (including social insurance benefits); signing formal labor contracts after qualified interviews, participating in social insurance (pension, medical treatment, industrial injury, unemployment, major illness relief, maternity insurance); issuing gifts and bonuses on holidays, and issuing them on a monthly basis. Diligence award, monthly cooling fee in summer, outstanding performers monthly Award
Address: No. 112, Pearl River East Road, 555 Ziwei South Road
Tel: 13956292755 13909607873 0550-3067759