Company introduction

Chuzhou Xiake Environmental Protection Colored Spinning Co., Ltd. is one of the leading enterprises of colored spinning yarn with the earliest establishment time and the most complete industrial chain in China. Chuzhou Xiake and Huanggang Xiake are two major production bases under the jurisdiction of the company, covering an area of more than 1000 mu, with a production scale of 250,000 ingots and an annual output of 30,000 tons of colorless yarn, with 1,600 employees. The company has become the production base of environmental protection color spinning yarn and multi-fiber blended yarn with the most complete varieties and specifications and the richest colors. It is a color "supermarket" with 6 series products and more than 2000 varieties. Products are exported to Europe, America, Japan and Korea, West Asia, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, enjoy a high international reputation. The company has won the first batch of trustworthy key brands of environmental protection products in China, and has been awarded the qualification of "China Environmental Protection Industry Association Member" and "China Popular Color Application Demonstration Base".

Under the guidance of the management concept of "creating color and contributing to environmental protection", the company devotes itself to the research and development of new technology, new technology, new materials and new products, and has established the first "color textile service center" in China. The company uses the production concept of "harmony between man and nature" (mixing natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk and wool with man-made fibers such as polyester, acrylic, viscose and nylon) to match colors and fibers, providing color spinning raw materials and finished yarns with diverse colors, functions, differences and composite blending characteristics for textile mills. Through the innovation of business model, it greatly promotes the integration of internal resources of enterprises, improves the technical content and added value of products, and at the same time helps back-end enterprises to reduce processes, deliver goods quickly, realize small-batch and multi-variety production, and realize environmental protection, energy saving, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement of the whole industry.
The company adheres to the purpose of research and development, production and sales of environmental protection products and green products, takes the creation and development of colorful, fashionable and popular colors as its core technology, takes multi-fiber blending, multi-color fiber blending and multi-functional fiber integration as its proprietary technology, takes color development, color raw materials and color products as its main business, and takes environmental protection of product process as its development orientation, and strives to achieve success. For the country"s largest multi-fiber, multi-color, multi-functional blended yarn production base.
The first batch of environmental protection products in China can be trusted as key brands
Award for Major Scientific and Technological Progress in the Thirty Years of Reform and Opening-up
Xiake Brand Trademark was awarded the title of "Well-known Trademark of Jiangsu Province"
Membership of Environmental Protection Industry Association
_Environmental Protection Technology Center of China Textile Engineering Association
_Demonstration Base of Popular Color Application in China
Research and Development Center of Environmental Protection Colored Fiber Technology of China Textile Engineering Society
_Vice-President Unit of China Popular Color Association and Demonstration Base of Popular Color Application
_Vice-President Unit of China Chemical Fiber Association
Corporate Idea Culture
Mission: a keen and intelligent innovator in textile industry
A generous and fraternal environmentalist
A firm and tenacious market upgrade pioneer
Vision: To be a beautiful and colorful enterprise which is praised by the society and devoted to human environmental protection
Development goal: to become a leading service enterprise in textile industry
Development Achievements of Environmental Protection Innovation
First of all, advocate and apply the production technology of color spinning and succeed in industrialization
Firstly, the concept of "harmony between man and nature, infinity of three elements" is put forward.
_Firstly, the research on the blending technology of strong dyeing and weak dyeing in the dyeing and spinning industry is put forward.
Firstly, the operation mode of colorless cotton industry is put forward.